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quote1With urgent situations to manage, you can count on our availability. quote2
A multi-discipline team
Our chartered accountants will provide your business with a truly versatile team able to give you the information that will keep you on top of the risks inherent in your development or your medium- and long-term projects.
Help you achieve economies of scale
Our chartered accountants will help you achieve economies of scale in your management, under the supervision of a dedicated team that undergo regular training.
Support in real time
Our chartered accountants can constantly offer you reassurance thanks to our proven internal organisation which gives a permanent guarantee of real-time support, incorporating complete accounting, tax, social and industry data.
Freelance professional

Freelance professional

quote1Services tailored to your needs that take account of your personal circumstances. quote2
Accurate accounting for your business
Our chartered accountants monitor your business accounting as well as ensuring that your social security and tax payments are paid on schedule. Having these tasks performed by a professional gives you peace of mind and frees up your time.
Day-to-day management
Our chartered accountants are there to help you run your business on a day-to-day basis, and help you keep track.
Listening and advising
Our chartered accountants help you plan your future. They will listen carefully to you and then guide you in the choices you make that will affect your future with respect to your assets and your retirement and pension provisions.
Starting up a business

Starting up a business

quote1The better-defined your project, the easier it will be for you… and for us! quote2
A360° appraisal of your project

Ourchartered accountants will shine light on your project from every angle, ensuring a complete analysis of every aspect that is specific to you and to your business. From this, they will build up a customised diagnosis that’s in line with your constraints and your ambitions. A chartered accountant is above all someone your company can trust, who will always manage to find time for your problems.

Ensure that your formalities are effective
Our chartered accountants increase the effectiveness of your formalities thanks to the practical experience they have built up, their excellent knowledge of social and economic measures in place and complete familiarity with all the paperwork involved in setting up a business. Our chartered accountants are backed up by our multi-discipline teams.
A key ally in your negotiations
Ourchartered accountants constitute a front-line ally in your negotiations with banks. A project approved and endorsed by a chartered accountant is guarantee of reliability for the person sitting opposite you, who will be more likely to say yes if you can furnish a plan, supported by figures, of how you will be able to service your loans and generate financial income.
Taking over a business

Taking over a business

quote1Hold all the aces to do the right thing at the right time quote2
A rational analysis
Our chartered accountants will help you identify and/or evaluate target companies on the basis of a rational analysis of specific fiscal, social and financial factors. At the same time, they are able to make things more straightforward, advise you and support you as you deal with the seller.
Practical experience
Our chartered accountants will tell you clearly about the legal framework governing transfers of businesses and will advise you in your best interest. In the light of their practical experience, they are the people you will want to talk about your choices with respect to economic development or constituting and preserving assets.
Innovative solutions
Our chartered accountants will keep a knowledgeable eye on the progress of your project and suggest innovative solutions for developing your business. Chartered accountants are people your company can trust. Their knowledge and expertise are your guarantee.


quote1When you’re ready to make the leap, it’s good to have people around! quote2
In the project phase
Our chartered accountants will give you expert advice based on the experience they have acquired through their contact as much with captains of industry as with artisans. They have excellent knowledge of social and economic measures in place and complete familiarity with all the paperwork relating to your status. There is extra credibility with your bank: a project signed off by a chartered accountant gives the person sitting opposite you a guarantee of reliability if you are applying for a loan.
In the launch phase
Our chartered accountants are pleased to be there for you and to put your immediate choices into a clearer perspective. They will set up customised indicators for you that will help you fine-tune the management of your business, day by day.
And when you get to work
Our chartered accountants keep an eye on your book-keeping and support you in defining your growth targets.
Non-profit organisation

Non-profit organisation

quote1Are you sure you are complying with all the rules and regulations? quote2
Confirm your tax and social security frameworks
Our chartered accountants will analyse your organisation’s activity and provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the tax and social security regimes it must comply with.
Official approval
Our chartered accountants act as auditors, officially certifying accounts, particularly when non-profit organisations receive public funding, carry out commercial business or employ salaried personnel.
Expert knowledge acquired on the ground
Our chartered accountants help the organisation plan its development with expert knowledge they have acquired on the ground, working with other non-profit organisations, businesses and local government agencies.