Estimated yearly budget

Managing a company by looking exclusively in the rearview mirror, is dangerous.
It is essential to set goals each year, especially to motivate a team.
You must be able to measure the consequences of your goals on your financial needs and your business.

The strong points
  • We propose to draw-up with you an annual operating and investment budget over the year ahead.
  • It will identify the items related to profitability, funding and cash flow.
  • This budget will allow you to compare actual data to forecast data on a regular basis
Questions and Answers
  • Do you have tools for a collaborative work ?
  • Yes of course, in any case the work is collective.
  • How much fees do I budget ?
  • It varies depending on the size of your business. Once the initial implementation is made, the cost is moderate.
  • How long does it take to have my annual budget ?
  • A few days.