Human Resources Management

True day-to-day partner of your human resources management,
we advise and assist you in this area, including :

* Hiring: contract, compensation and procedures

* Termination of contract: dismissal, resignation, disputes

* Standards: business internal rules, staff representatives, compliance audit, etc.

* Optimization of your compensation policy: contribution incentives, common retirement savings scheme (“PERP”), joint retirement savings scheme (“PERCO”), company savings scheme (“PEE”)

* Organization and working time management

The strong points
  • Simple hiring (drafting of employment contract, standard procedures)
  • Complex hiring (recruitment support, drafting of specific employment contract, compensation, specific benefits)
  • Simple termination (resignation, retirement) - Procedure and monitoring of compliances
  • In some cases, dismissal (personal reasons / economic) - Assistance and follow-up of the procedure (form, delays)
  • Assistance with the setting-up of labor law compliances (business internal rules, staff representatives, book for occupational hazards)
  • Optimizing your compensation policy (contribution, matching, profit sharing, company savings scheme)
  • Setting-up and management of DIF (Individual Right to Training)