Staff management and obligations

* Your obligations vary depending on the number of people you employ;
* The payroll contributions and tax and evolve according to some thresholds.
A proper management of payroll caps would protect you from criminal, civil and monetary penalties.
To secure you and assist you
in the growth of your business, we offer a range of personalized services.

The strong points
  • Customized monitoring of your staff according to your employment contracts and working time
  • Support in the setting-up of staff representatives (staff representatives, work committees...)
  • Support for the drafting of internal regulations
  • Sharing or contribution agreements, ownership plans
Questions and Answers
  • When are we supposed to hold staff representatives elections?
  • As at the date of hiring your eleventh employee.  Staff is counted on a full-time equivalent basis, when the threshold of twelve months during a 3 years’ period is crossed
  • We are more than 10.  One employee is declared unfit for work, can I dismiss him ?
  • This is possible subject to consultation with the staff representative, otherwise the procedure is unlawful.
  • Am I required to employ disabled workers ?
  • Yes, when the staff exceeds twenty employees per establishment.