Managing contractual relationships

Our firm can assist you :
* with recruitment,
* with the hiring schemes,
* with the matching of skills with your needs.
Our firm can secure :

* your reporting compliances,
* the formalizing of contractual relationships:
– Defining roles and responsibilities,
– Delegation of power,

– Respecting the specifics of the applicable joint
– Working time organization and management.
Our firm can assist you with the management of the key offices within your company
(Management, sales, technical …)
The strong points
  • A team mindful of your needs and skilled in the labour field
  • Partners in your daily dealings between people
  • Support at all stages of evolution of your business
Questions and Answers
  • I want to hire someone, how much does it cost ?
  • We can conduct an estimate of the overall cost for the employer, according to the profile of applicant and possible benefits schemes
  • My employee starts in a week: what should I do ?
  • You must send us the necessary information to issue the employment statement and we will define with you the terms and conditions of this employment in order to draft the employment contract
  • I want to hire a sales person, how do I motivate him ?
  • Depending on the specifics of your business, we help you define of a goals clause and / or variable compensation